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Materiality assessment

Assessing materiality based on SDGs

To enable more tangible sustainability actions, we conducted a materiality assessment to visualize the priority of each issue within the materiality matrix.

Materiality assessment process

To assess our materiality, a Sustainability Promotion Secretariat was comprised of departments supervising environmental, social and governance practices, as well as departments such as IR and PR that engage with external stakeholders. The secretariat has held multiple workshops to review the concept and have discussions about the Global Compact and international guidelines, referencing a wealth of examples. These sessions are attended by sales, R&D, production, product planning, and human resources teams and the management. Through this process we have identified management issues important to our stakeholders and the SATO Group, and created a materiality map. We will continue to listen to the opinions of all our stakeholders and conduct reviews.

The assessment process

Our concept of materiality

All employees and senior management of the SATO Group work to contribute toward a sustainable world and enhance our corporate value through our core business.

Sustainability goes hand in hand with customer value creation and corporate value enhancement, which we consider the fundamentals of company management. Putting this idea into action, we have identified material issues by their influence on our business and stakeholders and categorized them as follows to help us visualize our progress and areas of improvement for each priority and strengthen the value creation cycle of our business.

Our value proposition
What we aim to offer through our core business to help customers cope with societal challenges
Fundamentals of our value creation
What we undertake internally/externally to enable the continuous creation of customer and corporate value
Environmental responsibility
What we do to protect the global environment where we live and do business
Corporate governance and risk management
Underlying foundation

Materiality matrix

Overview of material sustainability issues and related SDGs

Our value proposition
What we aim to offer through our core business to help customers cope with societal challenges

This is a key priority in our material agendas, and involves offering customers benefits that include waste reduction, productivity improvement, product sustainability (for a smaller ecological footprint), and peace of mind.

Addressing social challenges through our business

Safety & quality assurance

Related SDGs

Fundamentals of our value creation
What we undertake internally / externally to enable the continuous creation of customer value

This includes actions we pursue in-house in the areas of talent development and diversity / inclusion, as well as outside the company in supply chain management and stakeholder engagement.

HR initiatives

Supply chain management

Related SDGs

Environmental responsibility
How we protect the global environment that we live and do business in

This involves reducing greenhouse gas emissions, making efficient use of resources, and taking other necessary actions to conduct our business activities in the interest of the environment.

Related SDGs

Corporate governance, risk management

This is the underlying foundation to continuously strengthen corporate governance and risk management structures/systems to operate the business with reliability, transparency, and efficiency, in support of our materiality priorities.

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