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Sustainable procurement policy

Our mission is to “create new value for our customers through products and services of superior quality, and to contribute towards a better and more sustainable world.” We recognize that we must source products and materials responsibly across our supply chain, and have established a procurement policy as follows.

This policy also applies to our suppliers, vendors, contractors and other business partners.

1. Partnerships

We assess and select business partners in a fair and equitable manner. We seek to grow and prosper together with each of our partners, with whom we work to develop a relationship of trust.

2. Compliance with laws and respecting internationally recognized standards

We respect internationally recognized standards in addition to complying with the laws and regulations of Japan as well as of all countries and regions where we conduct business.

3. Human rights, health and safety

We respect human rights, pursuing procurement practices that support improved working conditions and worker health and safety.

4. Environment

We actively address global environmental issues such as resource depletion, climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss, as well as address environmental issues considering our local community.

5. Fair trading and ethics

We conduct business activities based on high ethical standards in addition to compliance with the law and are committed to fair and non-discriminatory trade.

6. Quality and safety

We ensure the quality and safety of products and services we deliver, and provide accurate information.

7. Information security

We make efforts to protect confidential and personal information, and continuously enhance information security.

8. Business continuity planning

We make preparations to ensure that we can quickly resume business activities in order to fulfill our obligations to customers in the event that we or our business partner becomes a victim of large-scale natural disasters or other unexpected disruptions.

9. Scope

We shall follow the aforementioned standards in our procurement activities and expect the same of our suppliers, vendors, contractors and other business partners.

This sustainable procurement policy is based on the responsible business conduct guidelines by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association.

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