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Safety & quality assurance Our responsibility toward customers

Engage in fair marketing

We use factual and unbiased information for company websites, sales collaterals, exhibitions and other marketing activities.

Be transparent about our products and services

We communicate information about our products and services in the form of web contents, catalogs, leaflets and presentations, and through our sales and technical support activities to help customers make informed decisions in their purchasing process.

Provide products and services that contribute to sustainable development

We consider the performance of our products and services over their entire life cycles to consistently deliver offerings that are socially and environmentally beneficial. This is based on our corporate mission which seeks to create new value for our customers through products and services of superior quality, and to contribute toward a better and more sustainable world.

Address customer needs after products and services are sold

We provide remote or in-person technical support, offer advice on proper use via call centers, and have in place provisions for return, repair and maintenance as recourse or remedies for faulty performance.

Design products and services that cater to all

We develop hardware and software for customers to streamline operations, boost accuracy, support sustainability initiatives, and provide assurance and emotional connections.

It is important for us to design offerings that can excite and delight customers to secure their trust and loyalty.

Taking the customer’s perspective, we commit to building easy-to-use, robust, and reliable products and services that perform stably when operated by anyone in any environment. We make efforts to bring out this concept we call “Simple & Solid” by applying our own definitions for universal design in our R&D activities.

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