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HR initiatives Diversity declaration

SATO Group Declaration of Diversity

SATO Group is committed to providing a working environment where all employees, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, culture, religion, educational background, disability or age are able to fully engage in open dialogue and active participation while recognizing and respecting each other's unique attributes.

The implementation of innovative programs designed to create a corporate culture rich in diversity will provide a work environment that embraces the generation of new ideas.

In line with our corporate spirit of "Ceaseless Creativity", we will continue to make daily efforts to improve the awareness of diversity within workplace, making it a pillar of our business strategy.

Our goal is to foster and promote diversity by leveraging each employee's unique abilities and giving all employees the opportunity to grow and excel. This approach is key to delivering the best possible solutions to meet the diverse needs of our global customers.

Diversity opens the door to productivity, competitiveness and sustainable growth. (Created December 9, 2011)

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