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Addressing social challenges through our business Eco-friendly products

Eco-friendly products and business practices are important not only for SATO but also for our customers in reducing and eliminating the use of plastic and tackling global warming. Our products include linerless labels that reduce waste, SATO-designed RFID tags/labels that are manufactured without using plastics and solvents, and paper labels made from wood pulp grown in FSC-certified forests.

Linerless label by SATO

SATO linerless labels use less wood pulp and energy in production, and produce less waste (release liner). As a single roll of linerless labels can hold 40 percent more labels than common labels with liner, the product also saves transportation and storage costs.

Linerless label by SATO
A linered label

SATO-designed RFID tags / labels

SATO offers RFID tags/labels containing antennas that are designed and manufactured in-house. Our antenna liner is made with paper substrate rather than resin-derived film, eliminating the use of plastic.

As we manufacture RFID antennas via the foil stamping process, no chemical solvents are used and no process residue is produced to cause environmental pollution. Through this process, leftover aluminum can also be recycled and reused to ensure that no antenna materials are wasted.

Paper materials procured from certified forests

SATO has acquired FSC® (CoC) certification (license no. FSC-C135435) as a company that produces labels from wood pulps identified as FSC-certified materials. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) is a globally recognized organization that works with third-party certification bodies to assess and certify appropriate management of forests.

CoC certification validates that the end product uses wood from a FSC-certified forest and only certified materials throughout its production, processing and distribution processes.

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