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Management team

The Board of Directors

Ryutaro KotakiRepresentative Director
President and CEO
SATO Holdings Corporation

Yoichi AbeRepresentative Director
Vice President
Oversees global business and Corporate Planning

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Hiroyuki Konuma Director
Vice President
Oversees Japan business
President, SATO Corporation
Tatsuo Narumi Director Chair of the Board
Yuko Tanaka Director (External) President and Chief Trustee, Hosei University
Professor, Department of Media and Communication Studies Faculty of Social Sciences, Hosei University
Professor, International Japan-Studies Institute, (Graduate School), Hosei University
Director, Suntory Foundation for Arts
Managing Trustee, Japan University Accreditation Association
Executive Director, The Japan Association of Private Universities and Colleges
Trustee, The Open University of Japan
Ryoji Itoh Director (External) Representative Director, Planet Plan. Co., Ltd.
External Director, H.U. Group Holdings, Inc.
Hideo Yamada Director (External) President, Yamada & Ozaki Law Office
External Audit & Supervisory Board Member, Taiyo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
External Director, Hulic Co., Ltd.
Chairperson, Akiko Tachibana Memorial Foundation
External Director, Mikuni Corporation
Sadayoshi Fujishige Director (External) External Director, Showa Nishikawa Co., Ltd.
Chairperson, Japan Table Tennis Association
Advisor, Lion Corporation
Chairperson, Advertising Council Japan
Chairperson, Japan Marketing Association

Audit and Supervisory Board

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Nobuhiro Yokoi Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Junichi Nagakura Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Takao Yamaguchi Audit & Supervisory Board Member (External) President, Yamaguchi C.P.A. Office
External Audit & Supervisory Board Member, Kyorin Holdings, Inc.
External Audit & Supervisory Board Member, Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.
External Audit & Supervisory Board Member, Lion Corporation
Noriko Yao Audit & Supervisory Board Member (External) Partner, TMI Associates
External Audit & Supervisory Board Member, Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation for Transport & Urban Development
External Director, Meiko Network Japan Co., Ltd.
External Director, Asahi Net, Inc.

Executive Officers

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Yoshinori Sasahara Vice President

Chief Wellness Officer (CWO)

Director and Vice President, SATO Corporation

General Manager of Production

Kenji Ushiki Executive Officer

Director, SATO Corporation
General Manager of Value Creation (R&D)

Maria Olcese Executive Officer

Head of South America

General Manager, Achernar S.A.

Hironori Onishi Executive Officer

Director, SATO Corporation

Head of Japan sales

Noriyasu Yamada Executive Officer

Chief Alliance Officer (CAO)

Director, SATO Corporation

General Manager of RFID

Goro Yumiba Executive Officer

Global Operations Officer

Regional Operations Officer for Oceania and Argox

Fusaaki Matsumoto Executive Officer

CFO and Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)


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