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CEO's commitment

Fulfilling our mission through “Tagging for Sustainability”

The SATO Group’s Mission is to “contribute towards a better and more sustainable world,” which is why sustainability is inseparable from our business.
As SDGs take on growing urgency and ESG initiatives become a priority for stakeholders, we established our basic policy for sustainability in 2018 and conducted a materiality assessment in 2019.

While formulating policies and action plans through our Sustainability Promotion Committee that reports directly to our team of executive officers, we promote materiality activities through our team of specialists to raise employee awareness about sustainability and bring in external expertise as well.

In the past, we have worked to increase corporate value and contribute to society. Moving forward, we will continue to identify material issues to improve sustainability performance and maximize our value creation cycle.

Hiroyuki Konuma

Hiroyuki Konuma
President and Group CEO
SATO Holdings Corporation

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