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HR initiatives Workplace satisfaction

Employees are our valuable assets as we rely on them to create value sustainably through business. We believe in the fundamentals of respecting humanity and embracing diversity, and envision to be the customer’s most trusted partner for mutual growth by building a workplace where employees can practice Ceaseless Creativity and contribute to sustainability. Improving employee engagement is one of our key targets in business management, which is why we conduct employee engagement surveys and use their outcomes toward implementing workplace improvements and innovating workstyles and HR schemes group-wide, under the monitoring of our top executive team.

Employee engagement surveys

We conduct employee engagement surveys across our group companies. From the survey results, we can gauge how well employees are aligned with SATO Values and how much they understand our various business and HR strategies. We also gain an objective and quantitative understanding of our company's situation, which helps us create and execute action plans aimed at improving workplace satisfaction. Two separate surveys were conducted in FY 2022, one for Japan and one for other countries due to language differences, but we have standardized the survey questions since FY 2023.

From the employee engagement survey which we conducted for the first time outside Japan in FY 2022, we found that the majority (79 percent) of employees felt positive toward SATO Values, an area we prioritize. This indicates that our workforce is aligned with our corporate values and practices them globally. Also, our eNPS (employee net promoter score) results in FY 2022 compared well against other manufacturers in Japan and overseas (based on data from Mercer and beBit). We will engage our group companies in working together to further improve this score.

Our FY 2022 employee engagement statistics


Survey results


The first set of data is not available as the FY 2022 Japanese survey used a different set of questions.


Actions for elevating employee engagement

We use results from employee engagement surveys to not only gauge engagement levels but also identify areas of concern, which we work on to improve continuously.

After the FY 2022 survey conducted for SATO Group companies outside Japan, we shared the results with each company head, strongly recommending that they run local employee feedback programs and plan/take actions accordingly. The Japan headquarters also began monitoring each company's progress (via a standardized template) and providing additional support when needed for improving overall engagement overseas. Through the employee engagement survey that is held every year, company heads can check on expected outcomes and modify their action plans for continuous improvement. We are applying this cycle to departments and offices in Japan as well from FY 2023, where we started using the same set of survey questions across all countries.

Following up on engagement survey results

Run cycle every year for continuous improvement

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