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HR initiatives HR policy & strategy

At the SATO Group, we see employees as one of our greatest assets and the source that sustains the added value we provide through our business model. For the HR activities and initiatives we manage which include recruitment, placement, training/development, performance appraisal, compensation & benefits, and workstyle innovation, we make sure to base them on the principles of mutual respect and diversity, and align them with our corporate values.


We seek to be an organization where employees demonstrate our corporate values and the competencies that keep us Powered On Site, and deliver customer value that add to the sustainable growth of our business. To realize this vision of “Building People, Building Business,” we commit to doing the following:

  1. 1.
    Develop talent to drive the company’s future growth, supporting them with the necessary systems/infrastructure
  2. 2.
    Foster a corporate culture that keeps employees self-disciplined, motivated, accomplished and productive, working alone or in teams
  3. 3.
    Provide employees with safe and secure workplaces
  4. 4.
    Build an optimal workforce based on business strategies

Our HR strategy

In FY 2016, we created a strategy road map for putting in place HR programs and processes that are necessary to help us achieve medium-term objectives set at the group level. This road map is updated every year based on the progress we make.

In Japan, our focus is on development and deployment of talents to take the mature business model to the next level. We will work to synthesize various initiatives that we have spearheaded over the years, such as extending retirement age to 65 and enhancing support for employees on childcare leave, into a coherent framework. We will also intensify efforts to address the growing urgency of grooming leaders who are capable of sustainable value creation, promoting diversity, and innovating workstyles for better results.

Outside Japan, our priority is to translate the huge business potential in the different regions/countries into actual results. We will gain greater visibility of our talents around the world, while identifying and developing high potential individuals for mission-critical roles in future.

HR road map

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