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Supply chain management Policy on purchasing and procurement

In providing products and services to customers, SATO always engages in fair and equitable purchasing transactions and conducts procurement activities from a global perspective.


We seek to grow and prosper together with each of our suppliers, with whom we work to develop a relationship of trust. We are responsible, as a member of the SATO Group, to comply with laws and regulations in our procurement actions. We maintain friendly relationships with our suppliers, and not be influenced by the self-interest of individuals.

Fair and equitable transaction

We promote fair, equitable and unbiased transactions. And to deliver quality products to customers in a prompt manner, we strive to procure materials stably in the most appropriate quality, price and delivery lead time. We also assess and select suppliers in a fair and equitable manner based on proper standards that take into account factors including quality, cost, delivery, supply continuity, sustainability, financial status, human rights and occupational safety and hygiene.

Compliance with laws and social norms

We comply with laws (of each country/region pertaining to antimonopoly, trade/sales/commerce, subcontracting, foreign exchange, personal data protection, copyrights, employment of manpower, and others) and corporate morals to give utmost consideration to human rights, individuality, sustainability and occupational safety in our transactions and prohibit bribery and other dishonest behaviors. The SATO Group also asks suppliers to comply with laws and social norms applicable to countries/regions we operate business in.

Social responsibility (CSR)

In our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our procurement processes, we seek cooperation of our suppliers as well, which we believe helps us develop relationships based on trust and provides mutual benefits. We conduct surveys on our suppliers to learn about how they fulfill their CSR responsibilities in their procurement practices, and make efforts to resolve any challenges together. Our commitment to avoid conflict minerals is one of such actions we are undertaking as part of our social responsibility.

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