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Visualizing staff movements to improve service

Nagoya University Hospital | Japan

SATO implemented an indoor location tracking system which utilizes BLE beacon wristbands for monitoring of patients‘ vital signs and nurses’ location. The system allows the hospital to visualize staff movements and help to ensure it is utilizing staff optimally to improve service. It also includes real-time monitoring of vital signs to ensure prompt care when patients’ conditions change.

“By introducing this sophisticated positioning solution with vital monitors and beacons, we can capture data on patient and nurse movement and vital signs. For nurses, by capturing their vitals — especially anxiety and tension — we can link physical and mental stress to location based on data on movement and condition. By doing this, I believe it is possible to visualize how much the mental and physical burden is increasing over time depending on location, type of work and time of day.”

“Collaborating with SATO Healthcare has allowed us to accumulate know-how and even opens up the possibility of offering consultation services for other hospitals participating in our new framework.”

Dr. Shintaro Oyama
Project Assistant Professor,
Medical IT Center,
Nagoya University Hospital


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