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Impact of the Apache Log4j Security Vulnerability on SATO and Argox Products and Services

Jan 19, 2022

SATO Holdings Corporation has assessed the security vulnerability issue with the open-source Apache Log4j (CVE-2021-44228) Java logger utility.

The potential impact of the vulnerability on our products and services has been listed below. We will provide updates in a timely manner as they are known.

SATO products and services

Products/services Category Assessment Detail
Barcode/RFID printers Industrial printers Not affected CL4/6NX, CL4/6NX Plus, M84Pro, SG112-ex, HR2, M10e
Desktop printers Not affected CT4-LX, CT4-LX-HC, WS2, WS4, CG2, CG4, CT4i
Standalone printers Not affected FX3-LX*1, TH2
Mobile printers Not affected PW2NX, PV3, PV4
Print engines Not affected S84-ex/S86-ex, Lt408
Tag printers Not affected DR3e, TG3
Print & apply label applicators Not affected LR4NX-FA
Laser printers Not affected LP 100R
Specialty printers Not affected GY4
Horticulture printers Not affected TXPEX6
Accessories Not affected SATO’s Barcode Validator for the CLNX Series
Not affected CS-9018 cutter/stacker accessory
Location systems Quuppa Not affected*2
Ubisense UWB Not affected*2
Label design tools Multi LABELIST V5 Not affected
Multi LABELIST Component Not affected
Multi LABELIST V5 Web Engine Not affected
SmaPri Not affected
e-labe Not affected
Key-Bo+ Not affected
FI tool Not affected
NiceLabel Not affected*2 https://help.nicelabel.com/hc/en-001/articles/4413846986385-Apache-Log4j-Vulnerability-Log4Shell-CVE-2021-44228-does-not-affect-NiceLabel-applications#problem-1-1
Loftware Not affected*2 https://help.loftware.com/lps-kb/content/log4j cve-2021-44228.htm?tocpath=ARTICLES%7C_____1
Bartender Not affected*2 https://support.seagullscientific.com/hc/en-us/articles/4415794235543-Apache-Log4Shell-Vulnerability
Teklynx Not affected*2 https://www.teklynx.com/en-APAC/about/news-events/news/teklynx-not-affected-by-log4j-vulnerability
Cybra Not affected*2 https://cybra.com/security-notice-regarding-log4j2/
SAP Device Driver for SATO printers Not affected*2
Applications and services SATO App Storage Not affected
@Form Not affected
Trace eye Food-Pro Not affected
ASETRA Not affected
Visual Warehouse Not affected
Daisharin SaaS Global Not affected
PSchouette Not affected
SATO Online Services (SOS) Not affected
SATO Print CONNECT Not affected
SATO Printer API Not affected
Printer application framework SATO AEP Not affected AEP Works 3, AEP Utility 3, AEP Downloader, AEP applications
Third party integration SOTI Connect Not affected*2 https://docs.soti.net/notifications/security-notifications/
SATO Cloud Connector Not affected
"Smart Printing Client" for SAP® software Not affected
PDF Direct Print Not affected
ORACLE® & XML Printing Not affected
Microsoft BizTalk RFID Not affected
PJL integration into the LRS product VPSX Not affected
PJM RFID PJM RFID tunnel readers Not affected
PJM RFID management software Not affected PJM Assure
PJM Orbit 1

Argox products and services

Products/services Category Assessment Detail
Barcode/RFID printers Industrial printers Not affected iX4, MP-2140
Desktop printers Not affected CP2140 L/M, CP-2240, CP3140, CW4, D2, O4, OS-2140, OS-214 Plus, P4, SA4
Mobile printers Not affected AME-3230 B/W
Readers/scanners Not affected AS-9400DC, AS-8060, AI-6800, AI-6801, AI-6820, AI-6821, AP-9800, AR-3000, AR-3100, AR-3200, AS-9200, AS-9300, AS-9400, AS-9600
Mobile computers Not affected PA-100, PA-60, PI-1000, PI-1060 & TAG-60 (PI-GO), PT-90

Last update: January 13, 2022

For questions and inquiries including products not listed here, please contact us via our contact form here

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    Customers are advised to confirm security issues for any applications installed themselves separately
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    Current as of January 6, 2022

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