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Release Keisuke Yamada Takes on Argox Leadership Role

Ongoing mission of driving business growth

Jul 05, 2016

SATO, a leading global provider of Auto-ID solutions that empower workforces and streamline operations, announced that Keisuke Yamada would take over the role of head of Taiwan-based SATO Group printer manufacturer, Argox. Yamada takes the reins from David Tai, who will continue to contribute in an advisory role.

On April 1, Mr. Yamada, a 32 year veteran of SATO, was named Argox Chairman and tasked with driving synergy with the SATO Group and enhancing the performance of Argox. In the role of Argox head, he will provide day-to-day executive direction of the company.

Mr. Yamada brings extensive leadership experience in Japan, where he served as President of SATO Corporation, overseeing an expansive workforce across Japan.

“With Keisuke advancing the business at Argox, we can expect an innovative style that takes advantages of the strengths of the SATO network to deliver sustainable growth,” said Kaz Matsuyama, President and CEO of SATO Holdings. “He has proven leadership prowess and we expect him to leverage the strengths of our network to drive sales.”

Mr. Yamada added, “My predecessor has put in tremendous efforts and diligence to bring Argox to where it is today. I promise to provide a similar dedication under a new approach that strengthens collaboration with the SATO Group to deliver sustainable sales growth.”


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