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Release SATO PJM RFID Technology Integrated into Australia’s No. 1 Medical Refrigeration System

SATO Partners with Leading Australian Medical Refrigerator Manufacturer

Sep 01, 2015

SATO, a leading global provider of Auto-ID solutions that empower workforces and streamline operations and leading Australian medical refrigerator manufacturer Arrowsmith & Grant Refrigeration Pty Ltd today announced that the unique, Australia-born PJM RFID technology from SATO has been integrated into Arrowsmith & Grant’s industry-leading blood holding refrigerator series.

Established in Melbourne, Australia in 1990, Arrowsmith & Grant designs, manufactures, and services medical refrigeration systems including cool and freezer rooms. The Australian Red Cross Blood Service and Australia Federal Police are among its many clients.

“In the medical industry, you don’t have any choice” said Neale Arrowsmith, Managing Director of Arrowsmith & Grant. “Our brand is built on the trust of our robust refrigeration technology and we simply did not have the option of having vulnerabilities in our system. The PJM RFID technology meets our rigorous technical requirements and SATO clicks all boxes in term of its ability and commitment in line with our long term vision of aggressive research and our development road map. We are extremely happy.”

Nearly tripling its healthcare segment revenue in Australia with its acquisition of Magellan Technology Pty Ltd in 2013, SATO continues to invest into research and development of PJM RFID, leveraging the expertise of the resident team of engineers in Sydney, Australia that created the cutting-edge technology. SATO’s PJM RFID technology boasts the world’s fastest communication speeds and the most reliable read rates among all commercially available RFID technologies around the world even now, 19 years since its invention.

“This is the perfect marriage of two Australia born and grown world-class technologies,” said Hiroyuki Konuma, President of SATO Healthcare Co., Ltd., “We are extremely honored to be chosen as the RFID technology partner by the most trusted medical refrigeration brand in Australia. I am very confident that our PJM RFID technology will add incomparable competitiveness and new value to this product offering for Australia and beyond.”

Arrowsmith & Grant will market a PJM RFID pre-fitted medical refrigeration system and an RFID-upgradable medical refrigeration system.

SATO and Arrowsmith & Grant will co-exhibit the PJM RFID pre-fitted blood holding refrigeration system at HIMSS ASIA PACIFIC 2015 in Singapore 6–10 September.

About Arrowsmith & Grant

Arrowsmith & Grant specialises in the design, manufacture and service of refrigeration systems, primarily Medical and Prestige home refrigeration cabinets and systems. It uses only the latest refrigeration, fabrication and design technologies and complies with all requirements of the AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. It is dedicated to designing refrigeration cabinets and rooms to suit clients’ requirements. All units are specifically manufactured for the harsh Australian environment and high ambient temperatures. Arrowsmith & Grant provides a 24 hour 7 day after hours support service for all products. All refrigeration cabinets are designed and manufactured at its Dandenong Victoria factory. More can be found at www.arrowsmithgrant.com.au


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