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Release SATO’s PJM RFID Technology Integrated with DiaAdmin Software

Tailored solution for diamond and gemstone dealers

Apr 13, 2015

SATO, a leading global provider of Auto-ID solutions that empower workforces and streamline operations, and GemBox RFID, a provider of RFID stock-take-view solutions for diamond and gemstone dealers, announced today that SATO’s PJM*1 RFID technology has been integrated into DiaAdmin, an administrative and tracking application developed by XSS. DiaAdmin users can now enjoy full compatibility with select SATO PJM RFID readers and printers.

XSS is based in Antwerp, Belgium, and caters to the city’s bustling diamond trade, in addition to serving clients in Dubai and Mumbai. Diamond and gemstone dealers utilize DiaAdmin to keep track of stock movements, fund transfers and generate reports on earnings, giving users greater visibility on inventory and cash flow. DiaAdmin allows users to leverage data to make more strategic management decisions and boost productivity.

“With the integration of SATO solutions, we are able to offer our users the only 100% accurate system on the market,” said Jan Meeus, COO and co-founder of XSS.

Jason Ree, President of GemBox RFID, commented on the collaboration stating: "It is great to see customers benefit from RFID to really save time and increase their productivity. Verifying all diamond certificate data with each transaction is truly a revolution."

“PJM RFID is perfect for tracking high-value inventory, which makes it an excellent match for the diamond industry,” said Tom Kumabayashi, President of SATO RFID Solutions. “With PJM you can stock-count your gemstone inventory in as little as 30 seconds, and now you can easily integrate it with your existing software. We are extremely happy to be partnering with GemBox RFID and XSS. Both companies offer a wealth of experience and deep industry knowledge”

The PJM RFID DiaAdmin package provides

  • Complete privacy: Dedicated servers provide secured encrypted connections
  • Advanced user management: Allows for limited access rights per user
  • Robust support: Global 24/7 support through remote sessions
  • Live reporting: Immediately view inventory, discover new revenue possibilities and rapidly insert new products into your system

*1PJM (Phase Jitter Modulation) is an RFID technology that can quickly and accurately identify large volumes of tagged items stacked or stored in any physical orientation.

About XSS

XSS is headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium. Since 1988, XSS’s DiaAdmin software allows diamond trading companies to enter, track and report ALL transactions made in an agile, flexible and user friendly manner. We believe that the only way to stay ahead of market requirements is to constantly improve and re-invent yourself. Strategic partnerships with, amongst others, Gembox RFID help us implement the latest technologies as they emerge. More information about XSS can be found at www.xss.be.

About GemBox RFID

GemBox is a pioneer and leading global provider of PJM RFID stock-take-view solutions for the diamond & gemstone industry. GemBox RFID technology allows users to perform full stock counts of 1000‘s of gemstones in just seconds, with 100% reliability. More information about GemBox can be found at www.gemboxrfid.com.


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